1701 N. Kentucky Ave P.O. Box 6407

Evansville, IN 47719

F: 812-423-9567

Industrial Services | Powder Coating | Evansville, IN

1701 N. Kentucky Ave.

P.O. Box 6407

Evansville, IN 47719

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About Industrial Services Company

In 1983, Industrial Services Company started our humble operations on Morgan Ave. in Evansville, Indiana. In 1984, we moved to our present location on North Kentucky Ave. We started with 3,000 sq. ft, and over the next 10 years we expanded into 43,000 sq. ft. We originally started as a shop providing quality sandblasting and industrial coatings for structural steel components and providing tank linings for the chemical & coating industries. We grew to specialize in E-Coat tank linings, pre and post treatment systems for the paint finishing and E-Coat industry. We presently install OEM E-Coat linings for five equipment manufacturers. As a shop facility, we also provided production liquid painting on a variety of different products. In 1988, we extended our lining capabilities to include installing tank linings at our customer’s location, as well as, our shop.

Since that time, we have installed E-Coat linings from Arizona to Maine and internationally as well. We have lined tanks in our facility for tanks used all over the world: China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia , etc. -- we've done it!


We began applying Mill-Spec coatings in 1989. Our customers were fabricators, as well as, the military direct. In 1998, we installed our first powder coat conveyor system and began powder coating on a production line basis. In early 1999, we experienced a major fire destroying the largest of the 3 buildings on our property. By the summer 2000 we completed a new building to take the place of the one that burned and installed a new powder coating system. The new system is twice as big as the original line with over 750 feet of conveyor and a five stage pretreatment line. We are capable of powder coating products on our line up to 17.5 feet in length on a continuous basis with automatic gun movers as well as manual. We can powder coat up to 50 feet in length on a batch basis.


In 2006, we installed a glass bead blasting system to clean components for a contractor working on a project for the Army. We also coated these items prior to shipping. In 2007 we installed a Future Cure coating booth with force curing or baking capabilities for the military projects. This system allows us to apply multiple coats of material in the same day for increased production speed.